Who Makes Cortaflex?

How Cortaflex was developed

Equine Cortaflex came first!...

The original Cortaflex was first developed for horses by an American nutritionist and very experienced and respected horseman called Bruce Snipes. Bruce started a company called Horse Health Products nearly 30 years ago and developed a unique iron rich supplement called Red Cell which became one of the top selling equine supplements.

He was also researching into other supplements and trying to find a way of producing an equine joint supplement that would assist and support the free and supple movement of racehorses' joints under both hard work and deterioration through wear and tear. Bruce knew that the direct injection of glycosaminoglycans (large, complex sugar molecules!) into a joint worked extremely well. These sugars - which include glucosamine, hyaluronate and chondroitin - are already present in joints and help maintain the cartilage and the synovial fluid (joint lubricating fluid) in the joints. However, Bruce also knew that injecting directly into a joint was too hazardous and not practical for everyday, or long term, use.

The secret that Bruce Snipes worked for: was in creating an oral supplement that would provide these substances to the joints. There were, and still are, many supplements containing glucosamine and chondroitin available for humans but, whilst these do show some success, they do not work that well because of the problems the body has in absorbing these very large molecules.

After years of research, Bruce developed a way of breaking these large and complex sugar molecules down into their constituent parts - specific amino acids and aminosaccharides - which were far more easily absorbed into the cells of the joints where they were needed. The first of a brand new generation of joint supplement - Equine Cortaflex - was born!

It first went on sale in 1997 and quickly became the top selling equine joint supplement in the world and won the "Product of the Year" award given by the highly respected field testing magazine - the Horse Journal.

Bruce Snipes was wrong!

Bruce Snipes always said that his company had only about 5 years before other manufacturers would be able to figure out how Cortaflex was formulated and why it was so successful. He was wrong... to this day, there is no other product which provides anything like the unique method of delivery of the key nutritional ingredients to the cells of the joints... or delivers the success of Cortaflex.

Then came Canine Cortaflex

The digestive system of dogs is obviously different to horses but Bruce was able to modify the formulation of Cortaflex to make it suitable for both dogs and cats. Canine Cortaflex was developed specifically for their digestive systems and was made palatable with the introduction of suitable natural flavourings.

Golfing problems led to the development of Human Cortaflex

Bruce Snipes is also a keen golfer but had to give up due to the joints in his hands becoming swollen through arthritis. He and his company were already manufacturing the most effective joint supplement for horses, dogs and cats so it was then that he turned his attention to human joint supplements... with a large degree of self-interest!

Taking the trusted Cortaflex ingredients one stage further he eventually perfected a formulation specifically for people - Human Cortaflex. Since then, thousands of people worldwide have benefited from this unique supplement... Bruce himself has been able to return to playing golf...

The best got better

Bruce Snipes has always worked to produce the best possible supplements for his beloved horses, dogs/cats (and for himself!) and has always tried to find ways of making the Cortaflex formulations better and better. As a result, all formulations of Cortaflex are now fortified with Hyaluronic Acid which is a vital ingredient in synovial fluid. This addition has made Cortaflex even better than ever. There are even special versions of Cortaflex, known as Cortaflex HA, which have much higher levels of Hyaluronic Acid and are even faster acting and more effective where excessive joint wear and tear has taken place - look for Equine Cortaflex HA Powder, Canine Cortaflex HA Powder and the new Human Cortaflex HA Capsules.

The story of the top selling joint supplement in the world continues...

Hyaluronic Acid

The more powerful formulations of Cortaflex now have Hyaluronic Acid included in their active ingredients.

See how Hyaluronic Acid improved Cortaflex futher...