Cortaflex Ingredients

How Cortaflex's ingredients compare to other glucosamine supplements?

Wherever you look - websites/people/companies will tell you that you need a supplement with at least 1500mg of glucosamine per dose, together with high concentrations of chondroitin! This is because molecules of glucosamine are very large and do not get absorbed into the cells in the joints. What manufacturers do is to put ever increasing concentrations of glucosamine into their supplements - and then say how good it is because of this!

They work on the principle that if you throw enough mud at a wall, some of it will stick! However, because of the large molecular size, most of the glucosamine that is taken orally just goes into the body... and out again - (not much imagination required!).

Surprisingly, there has been much more research into this in the animal world than there has been with human patients. As you will see in our Veterinary Article, recent scientific research has shown that only about 2.5% of Glucosamine taken orally is absorbed from the intestine - the other 97.5% passes straight out of the body... what a waste!

Why Cortaflex is different

All forms of Cortaflex contain very little ACTUAL glucosamine and chondroitin, instead, they contain the amino acids and aminosaccharides which are the building blocks of glucosamine and chondroitin... what they are made of. These much smaller molecules are easily absorbed from the intestine and then passed from the bloodstream into the cells in the joints (where they are needed!).

Cortaflex is totally unique in this formulation, and method of delivery of the all important ingredients to the joints, and this makes it difficult to compare to other glucosamine/chondroitin supplements: -

This is why Cortaflex is the number one selling joint supplement in the world!

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Full breakdown of all Cortaflex Ingredients

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